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How To Print 2×6 Photo Strips Using HITI 510
How To Print 2×6 Photo Strips Using HITI 510

This guide goes over how to setup your HITI 510 to print 2x6 strips with PicPic Social

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PicPic Social can print 2×6 strips from the sharing station (iPad, or PC). This tutorial will instruct on how to set it up properly with an HITI 510 printer.

[A] Configure PicPic Social to send 2×6 strips to the Sharing Station

Most photo booth software saves final output images as 4×6. To send these images to the sharing station as a 2×6 instead of a 4×6 please do the following on your device server:

  1. Within the EC server tab on your PicPic Social Device Server, Add or Edit and existing Watch Folder. 

  2. You will be brought to a New Image Source popup. Within the Folder Settings at the bottom of the menu, please enable the checkbox option stating that you would like to "Cut image images in half (to create strips)" near the bottom of the menu.

[B] Configure PicPic Social to print 2×6 strips

Printing a 2×6 photo is pretty straight forward with HITI 510 printers. Do the following:

  1. Go to the Print tab of your PicPic Social Device Server

  2. Add or edit the Printer to HITI 510 - If more than one HITI Printer is available to be selected (for example HITI 510 Copy 1) than you will have to determine through trial and error which one is actually available for print. 

  3. Set the Paper Size within the Printer Editor to 6×4-Split (6×2 2 prints) (415 x 616). Press OK once you are done adjusting the settings.

  4. Before you leave the Print tab, please enable the checkbox option stating "I am printing strips" at the bottom of the device server.

You are now ready to print strips from your HITI 510 printer with PicPic Social. Setup PicPic Social like normal and print to hearts content.

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