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How To Print 2×6 Photo Strips Using DNP DS40
How To Print 2×6 Photo Strips Using DNP DS40

This guide goes over how to setup your DNP DS40 to print 2x6 strips with PicPic Social

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You can use PicPic Social to print 2×6 strips from the sharing station (iPad, Android, or PC) to your DNP DS40 printer. The steps are complex and require for you to have the correct drivers installed on your PC for the DS40.

[A] Install The DNP DS40 Driver

You will first need to install the DNP DS40 drivers onto your computer. You can find your drivers here.

If you need help installing your drivers, please contact your printer manufacturer or retailer.

[B] Enable 2×6 Cuts On DNP DS40

Now that your printer drivers are installed, you need to enable 2×6 cuts.

[C] Configure PicPic Social To Output 2×6 Photo Strips

Darkroom Booth: If you are using Darkroom booth than you can ignore this step since their software automatically saves photo strips as individual 2×6 strips.

All other softwares: Most likely your photo booth software saves your final output image as a 4×6. To send these images to the sharing station as a 2×6 instead of a 4×6:

  1. Go to the General Settings tab of PicPic Social Device Server.

  2. Add or Edit the Watch Folder that you would like to have 4x6 strips cut in half. 

  3. Enable the Cut image in half (to create strips) checkbox, select your Watch Folder and then press OK once you are done.

[D] Configure PicPic Social To Print 2×6 Strips

To configure your printer please do the following: 

  1. Go to the Print tab of PicPic Social Device Server

  2. Select the Add Printer option in the Print settings of the Device Server

  3. Select the DNP DS40 from the Printer field and then press OK. If more than one DS40 printer is available as an option like than you will have to determine through trial and error which printer is correct.

  4. Before leaving your printer settings select the option at the bottom that says I am printing strips.

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