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Sharing To Instagram via PicPic Social

Learn how to enable Instagram as an event sharing option within PicPic Social.

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The PicPic Social app allows your guests to share photos directly to Instagram. This guide will instruct you on how to enable Instagram sharing within your event settings.

Required Steps

[A] Create/Edit An Existing Event
[B] Enable Instagram Sharing
[C] Modify Instagram Settings
[D] Update/Create Your Event

[A] Create/Edit An Existing Event

Login to your PicPic Social dashboard here and create a new event or edit an existing event.

[B] Enable Instagram Sharing

Scroll to Event Sharing Options and enable Instagram Sharing

[C] Modify Instagram Settings

Modify your Instagram Settings as desired:

  • Instagram Wall Message - Enter a message that will be shared with each photo. You can include @mentions and #hashtags.

  • Allow user entered message - Enable this to allow users to enter their own message on the sharing station when photos are being shared.

  • Share photos as video so hashtags are searchable - Enable this feature if you want to be able to search for the the images posted from sharing station under the same hashtag. 

[D] Update/Create Your Event

Scroll down to the bottom of your event and click Update Event or Create Event if you are making a new event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to press UPDATE on the Device Server to see the changes reflected on the Sharing Station if you are editing the event.


Instagram is in "Beta Mode" and we cannot guarantee its functionality. If Instagram makes any changes to their platform, sharing to Instagram will be unavailable and no longer function. Please keep this in mind when offering it as a sharing option for your clients. Thank you.

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