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How To Edit Reports in PicPic Social

This guide will show you how to edit all of the information shown on your report .PDF before sending it to your client.

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The Reports feature will create .PDF file of all the analytics information found within PicPic Social. You are able to edit some of the details of the report before a .PDF file is downloaded.

Click Reports in the navigation section on the left hand side of the dashboard

  1. Select one or more events to create a report from

  2. Press GENERATE to proceed.

Editing Report

A REPORT is created from the information generated from the Analytics. We use baseline numbers to calculate the number of impressions created for each share. To learn more, please read our guide on How Are Impressions & Analytics Calculated In PicPic Social?

  1. Header - Enter the header information that will be used to generate your pdf report

  2. Analytics - These numbers are taken from the analytics section of your event. You can modify these numbers if you feel the need to.

  3. Footer - This will be the footer used when the final report is created.

  4. Download - Download the .PDF copy of your report.

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